Many athletes who want to get rid of excess fat supplement their diets with powerful burning drugs, refrain from using drugs in all respects, considering them “chemicals” that are harmful to health. The athletes’ speeches really don’t make sense and sound crazy. How can you choose sports nutrition that is advertised without studying the effects and side effects of children’s drugs? To dispel the myths about both, it is necessary to delve a little deeper into medicine. The topic of this article is “Clenbuterol” in bodybuilding, the benefits and side effects of the drug.

Mechanisms of action in professional sports nutrition

Mechanisms of action in professional sports nutrition

Well-known manufacturers supply fat-burning drugs that release protein, creatine, and amino acids. Active advertising is a guarantee to get rid of excess savings in the short term. And it’s true: the fat literally disappears in a month. However, the manufacturer is silent about side effects, such as metabolic disorders, diseases of the liver, kidneys, stomach and cardiovascular system. All diseases are caused by components of the sports industry and their role is influenced by:

  • Hypothalamus – increased body temperature
  • Heart: increases heart rate
  • Gastric receptors responsible for the sensation of hunger

Ephedrine and its derivatives, geranium extract, black pepper and caffeine are examples of components that are harmful to the body. After studying its effects in detail, you accidentally realize: Clenbuterol is the best choice for bodybuilding to burn fat. The price is very reasonable compared to other drugs with similar effects. Athletes have reported that clenbuterol is not only cheap but also harmless.

In medicine, Clenbuterol is used to treat asthma and many bronchial diseases. Without going into the intricacies of medicine, it can be noted that the drug significantly dilates the lungs, softens and relieves the trachea. It stimulates mucosal cells in the lower respiratory tract and causes sputum production. Clenbuterol is available in tablets, syrups, drops, sprays, and injectable solutions. The drug is prescribed for both adults and children, which indicates the absence of toxicity. The free sale for all in pharmacies applies only to syrups, drops and aerosols. Tablets and syringes are available by prescription. Many private pharmacies focus on increasing the demand for illicit drugs and distribute over-the-counter drugs, allowing you to freely use Cheap Clenbuterol For Bodybuilding without wasting time looking for a doctor you know.

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Qualities required by an athlete

Qualities required by an athlete

To understand how to properly use clenbuterol for bodybuilding, you need to know how the drug affects the body and what its benefits are.

It helps burn subcutaneous fat. It acts on tissue receptors to stimulate a biochemical reaction that causes lipolysis, ie the breakdown of fatty acids into energy. Clenbuterol stimulates the release of adrenaline and increases the breakdown of lipids.

It speeds up the metabolism. Clinical studies of the drug confirm a 30% increase in metabolism. The drug stops the action of lipase, which is responsible for the process of fat breakdown, simultaneously increasing metabolism.

Recover from muscle destruction. Due to its anticatabolic properties due to biochemical processes, it prevents the breakdown of proteins in the muscles of the body.

At low price. Positive feedback from athletes confirms that clenbuterol has no analogues as “an effective tool for low-cost weight loss.”

Side effects

As mentioned above, Clenbuterol is harmless in the treatment of respiratory diseases. But if we consider “Clenbuterol”, bodybuilding and its side effects as a whole, it can be noted that by following the course, the dosage of the drug is significantly exceeded. This is difficult because the body quickly adapts to it and the fat cell receptors stop responding to the stimulus. Increasing the dose of the drug has several side effects.

  1. It comes out in the first few days but then the vibration gradually subsides
  2. Profuse sweating. It is manifested by an increased heart rate and a slight increase in body temperature. It has no side effects in the absence of heart disease
  3. Anxiety and insomnia. Body processes affect the work of the central nervous system, which leads to anxiety and sleep disorders
  4. Nausea and diarrhea. It was observed during the first three days of drug use
  5. Headache. It only occurs in people who are sensitive to changes in blood pressure. Clenbuterol and bodybuilding are not suitable for these people
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Independent course

Independent course

After taking the introductory drug, it is recommended to take a course on “Clenbuterol: use in bodybuilding”. The starting dose on the first day is 0.02 mg. The daily dose should be increased by 0.02 mg. On the sixth day, the total dose is 0.12 mg. The dose remains unchanged until the second day: 0.12 mg On the thirteenth day the dose is reduced to 0.08 mg. The drug is stopped on the fourteenth day. Divide it twice. in any case, do not drink at night. – After considering the impressions of athletes, it can be concluded that insomnia is satisfactory.

Using Clenbuterol With Steroids

At different stages, strength athletes get the idea of ​​using steroids to achieve their goals. One of the ways athletes can gain muscle mass and increase strength (with positive reviews from professional sources) is by combining Clenbuterol with the steroid Oxandrolone. Before correctly using Clenbuterol with oxandrolone for bodybuilding, you should know that steroids have little effect on the body, increasing strength and increasing mass, but at the same time you can increase the effect of the drug used. During the first week of the 14 day course, take Oxandrolone in two divided doses of 20mg per day. In the second half, the dose can be doubled. It is important to know that steroids are only taken when clenbuterol is 0.12mg.

Clenbuterol course with maximum cutting steroids

A review of articles on how to get high quality, fast drying muscle and clenbuterol in bodybuilding can provide some positive insight into the drug and stanozolol. In medicine, the latter is used to treat burns, wounds and the postoperative period. The low price of the drug opens up great opportunities for athletes. Steroid use alone shows excellent fat burning and reduced muscle growth. By taking a steroid with a two week clenbuterol cycle at a dose of 100mg per day, you can achieve significant weight loss and increase your strength and endurance. Athletes use this track to relax their muscles before a competition. “Stanozolol” is very harmful to the liver, so do not take more.